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About us

Matt Watson

When Matt is not on the air ambusing his guests on S & M in the Morning with Shawn, or doing his logs, you can find him neglecting his duties and family on the courts. Taking 3 & 4 hour lunch breaks makes him hard to locate when you need an ad cut or help getting the station back on the air after his rigged equipment crashes. If and when the wife finally gets a hold of his ass, he’s busy slaving away on the honey do list, begging to regain face and freedom with her and the kid. On occasion you might even catch him cussing out the refs at a local game or two.

Shawn Martin

Shawn is the ringleader of the S & M gang and is in charge of the useless and crappy local news reports on Big Jim. He hails from Oklahoma where he had a collection of hawgs that beat them all. But then the law realized he didn’t have a job and started asking questions. Shawn hit the road cutting his hair and fashioned himself a life as a radio type dude. Nowadays you’ll find him kissing up to the wife, tending to the kid and praying that he stays in good graces or be sent packing back to a life of hard time. in Granite State Prison.

Mike Lyon

When Mike isn’t out trying to raise money and awareness for aging rock stars, you can find him out campaigning to bring back the 8-track and if your lucky, you can catch him live on weekends with his band Mike and the Croutons. You can usually find him talking (it’s actually more like bothering) his co-workers with who will win American Idol, who will get whacked on the Sopranoes, and why Led Zeppelin III is actually Zep’s best album. So, if you feel like debating Mike on these or any other of life’s important questions, email him at mlyon@bigjimrocks.com or call him at 866-4-BIGJIM. Just don’t bring up his American Idol Audition.

Tom Collins

Collins was born a poor farm boy in South Dakota. His talent behind the microphone has helped ruin many a radio station. When he’s not on the air he can be found test-driving manufacturer’s review cars on sheet metal ramps and logs in the back woods. Mr. Collins is a published author and a nationally recognized expert on a number of arcane topics (we could list them, but the number is far too great to comprehend). He lives in a double wide with his kids and his Misses. His vast collection of Slim Whitman records is housed 30 feet below the surface of the earth in a concrete bunker. When Tom is not screwing up the station or writing some piss-poor book about the mundane, he can be found in the garage trying to figure out how the hell to put his road runner back together. Of course, it might have helped if he had left the suds out of it when he tore it down. Although it looks like he’s making some progress, maybe the brewski helps him remember.

Born on this day

December 15, 2017
1734 George Romney
1832 Alexandre Gustav Eiffel
1892 John Paul Getty
1936 Edna O' Brien
1939 Cindy Birdsong
1942 Dave Clark
1949 Don Johnson
1961 Nick Beggs
1970 Frankie Dettori